About TBF

Based in Austin, Texas, The Belize Foundation was established as a non-profit (501c3) to help fund and promote human and environmental development, conservation, and sustainability within the nation of Belize. The Foundation seeks to provide and leverage Belizean and international talent, capital, and know-how for the development of creative and innovative opportunities to the benefit of Belize’s economic and human assets for an improved and sustainable quality of life.  

The Belize Foundation is currently seeking funds to establish Research, Education, and Economic Development Projects that will be coordinated with Belizean government, business, and academic participants to assure regional partnerships and involvement as well as compliance with regional and national policy and expectations.   Whenever possible, all studies, reports, recordings, and on-going results will be disseminated online to support world-wide research and discussion groups, formal and informal education opportunities, and the exchange of knowledge and insights.  It is also intended that these programs and activities will serve as exemplary models for other developing regions in Central America and the Caribbean.

Climate Change[i]

As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s becoming clear — in every aspect of what comes next — how we plan, build, educate, legislate, and create — the shared ingredient is addressing climate change.  ‘Climatization’ the process by which climate change will transform all aspects society in every geographic location.  Leaders from small island countries have long been pleading with world leaders to understand how climate change has impacted their societies in terms of reduced productivity and increased crime and from healthcare to education and to peoples’ migration.   In 2021 the clear effort of national governments should be to infuse climate considerations into all agencies and policies while mapping interconnections with housing, social justice, education, economic development, and public health.     Seeing climate action as an important engine of growth and development is the most important story of the 21st Century and should be an organizing principle of economies and social policy. 

[i] Note:  See ‘Climate is Everything’ TIME, April 26 – May 3, 2021, pp. 59-65.


Creating Our Sustainable Future - Belize - Cover

Read “Creating Our Sustainable Future”, a joint report between the IC2 Institute, Belize Natural Energy Charitable Trust (BNECT), and The Arctic University.





About our Logo


Our logo represents the Mayan word “bih” which translates loosely to “road” in English. The four cardinal directions are symbolized by four colors in the Maya culture: White is for the north, to represent rain; Red (magenta here) represents the east, for the dawn; Yellow represents the south, for the warm winds bring corn to fruition; and the Black represents the night which comes when the sun sets in the west. In the center is the blue-green world in which we live (symbolizing the sky, the waters, and green things growing.