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One disturbing observation is that “Belize is The Forgotten Nation” – too small to get noticed by many funding agencies and business development initiatives despite the reality that the country is severely challenged by its lack of needed and experienced talent and financial resources to be the world’s MAIN steward of the Western Hemispheres Largest Coral Reef and massive marine and forest bio diversity which represents the diversity of the entire Caribbean Region.

Belize - Decoding the Census - Cover

Belize – Decoding The Census 2015
– by Ilse Munoz and Dr. David Gibson





Educating Belize Report - Cover




Educating Belize – Challenges and Opportunities for the Future by Madison Weigand and Dr. David Gibson

Report: Belize at the Crossroads

Sustainable development is a challenge of knowing when and how to balance economic growth with conservation. Belize provides a unique case to examine this issue in a dramatic and important way due to the amazing breadth of natural assets and economic development challenges facing this rather small country of 356,000 inhabitants. Professor Young (2008)identified six key risks to Belize’s sustainable development: High deforestation rates, improper solid waste management, rapid coastal development, increasing poverty, the recent discovery of oil, and weak institutional and legal
frameworks. According to the World Economic Forum’s Centre for Global Competitiveness and Performance, Belize is one of the least competitive economies in the world ranking 123 out of 142 countries.

The following report elaborates select case studies of opportunities and challenges currently impacting Belize in the sectors of energy, tourism, and agriculture. This discussion will highlight current events while emphasizing that this central American country is now at important crossroads in achieving increased economic and social opportunities and sustainable growth or progression toward increased environmental degradation and decreased opportunity for all Belizeans In the end, the direction taken will have lasting and irreversible consequences for Belize as well as Central America and the Caribbean and in some important ways the world.

Belize - At the Crossroads - Cover





Belize: At the Crossroads (IC2 Whitepaper December 2013)

REPORT: Successful Exploratory Visit, August 12-15, 2011

Belizean Archaeological and Environmental Sites Visited, Belize

The Belize Foundation organized and funded an exploratory visit to Belizean archeological sites and Mayan Plantation to determine the best locations for more in-depth archaeological and environmental study.  The team consisted of Dr. David V. Gibson, IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, and president of The Belize Foundation; Dr. Logan Wagner, Texas A&M University, a specialist in architecture and Maya archaeology; and Margaret Cotrofeld, technical writer/editor at IC² Institute, The University of Texas at Austin, as team photographer.  Continue reading “REPORT: Successful Exploratory Visit, August 12-15, 2011”