Vision and Mission

The VISION and MISSION of the Belize Foundation is to:

  • Leverage indigenous Belizean assets and know-how with global knowledge to promote educational and research opportunities for sustainable economic development
  • Facilitate research, education, and entrepreneurial activity best suited to Belize’s socio-economic conditions and global markets to benefit Belize and Belizeans.
  • Help make Belize a global and exceptional model for Green Sustainable Development

The Belize Foundation was launched to facilitate Belize’s sustainable economic development.  The Foundation seeks to provide financial support and business and scholarly know-how for establishing creative and innovative opportunities for favorably impacting Belize while also providing important lessons and knowledge for fostering sustainable economic development in Central America and the Caribbean.

The Belize Foundation will provide financial and scholarly support for creative and innovative opportunities for observation and study of Belize’s ecological and human diversity to provide important lessons and knowledge for (1) maintaining environmental and cultural conservation and improved quality of life in Belize in a changing global environment, and (2) fostering sustainable economic development in Belize.

A key objective is to establish on-line worldwide accessible and participatory “Green Living Learning Laboratories” for:

  • Environmental and Human Conservation
  • Retention of Heritage
  • Sustainable Economic Development