Maya Archeological Exploration in Central Coastal Belize

Announcing the first exploratory expedition to locate and document previously unexplored Maya sites on Mayan Plantation, Central Belize, see attached map.  Recent aerial photos show several earthen mounds believed to cover Mayan temples and archeological sites. Several sites appear as early as the XVIIIth Century on maps of the region.


Also of interest, the Caribbean Coast of Yucatan and Central America was never effectively conquered by the Spanish conquistadores, the few attempts to dominate the area were unsuccessful and by the 17th Century all Spanish settlements in the area were abandoned. Soon after, English and Dutch pirates used what is now the Belize coast as a secure and safe haven to plan and execute attacks on treasure laden Spanish galleons.   Belize came under English domain hence the name British Honduras until 1963 when the independent country of Belize was founded.

Staff members of The Belize Foundation will work with experienced archeologists to help locate, measure, draw and photograph diverse Maya architecture that is expected to be located within the land comprised by Mayan Plantation and among virgin coastal, marshes and plains of Belize’s Central Coast.

The main purpose of the 1st Maya Archeological Exploratory Field Visit to Mayan Plantation in August 2011 is preliminary inspection of unexplored Maya mounds and to identify the best sites for more in-depth exploration including archeological research, education, and explorations planned though 2012.

Our base of operations will be the Black Orchid Hotel ( conveniently located within close proximity to our research area.  A situation and map room will be enabled and be available for lecture presentations.    Scholarly reports and photo and video documentation of archeological studies will be compiled and made available on  The Belize Foundation web site.

Archeological Tour Guide Leader: Dr. Logan Wagner. Dr. E. Logan Wagner has led expeditions and field schools throughout Mesoamerica, for University of Texas;  Texas A & M University;  EARTHWATCH; National Geographic Magazine; American Museum of Natural History and institutions doing field research in Mesoamerica. Prof. Wagner currently teaches Mesoamerican architecture at Texas A & M University.

Specializing  in archaic and historic  architecture, Logan Wagner has worked extensively in the Maya  and Mesoamerica  area.  Projects have included well known sites such as

Dr. Logan Wagner
Dr. E. Logan Wagner teaching in Belize

Palenque;  Chichen Itza; Uxmal;  Izamal;   Yaxuna;  Xochicalco; and Monte Alban.

University of Texas Press is publishing a comprehensive book  of Mesoamerican urban centers. Scheduled for publication in 2012, the book will bring to light, the virtuosity of open air spaces of Mesoamerican ceremonial centers.

Based in Austin, Texas ELW is the principal of ALARIFE, a firm specializing in architectural restoration. And the use of natural building materials and revived vernacular architectural crafts for modern architectural applications. Projects include specialized craftsmanship on the “Maya House” in Austin.

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